spread out 7"

by troubled sleep

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Recorded, mixed and mastered June 2013 by Bob Cooper at Hellmouth Studio in Brooklyn, NY.


released December 13, 2013




troubled sleep New York

benny, mary, erik & rachel. we are scattered all over at the moment.

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Track Name: spread thin
hair like a scarecrow
crew like a barcode
cruel waste
come on year twenty thirteen
do your job and kill me
should've been so much greater than this
i meant bark like on a tree
not like a dog
came home like an idiot
went to weddings like a simpleton
stayed too long with my next of kin
caught the cold of the common man
spread around spread out spread thin
Track Name: pop camera tale
pin the tail
on anything familiar
it's safe here
pin the tail
on anything routine
george said "don't waste your life like i have mine."
pop camera records only what is familiar
pop camera records routine
apartment a job a girlfriend a bus route
george wrecked his motorcycle the first week that he got it
Track Name: 33rd st.
burn marks on the keyboard
you fell asleep again
would've gone upstairs
but there's crumbs in the bed
every time you try to get moving
you choke on the dust
escape from 33rd st.
goodbye to moldy stucco
goodbye to rotting porch
goodbye to broken futon
goodbye to barbie boxes
clear out your lockers boys
it's time to close up shop
slightly more around the middle
and less up top.
escape from 33rd st.
goodbye to old shed
goodbye to mole crickets
goodbye to old haunts
you can keep the celebrity
Track Name: 37 floors
don't look the same
don't feel the same
don't look the same anymore
do you even know who i am
it'll never catch up to me
i'm free forever far above
toss unwanted down thirty seven floors
look out below, little ants
for once and for all
this is the last thing i'll say
i'm free forever