wacky past is now 7"

by troubled sleep



recorded in baltimore in november 2011 with joe mitra.


released March 20, 2012

puzzle pieces records




troubled sleep New York

benny, mary, erik & rachel. we are scattered all over at the moment.

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Track Name: wacky past is now
a friendly word of advice for tourists; don't forget to pack your polaroids, the proof of your exploits. cultivate an interesting past. something on which to look back. work buddies, gather round and we'll all enjoy a good laugh.
Track Name: there it go
we'll keep in touch with our cups and our string. talk about the day past as we drift off to sleep. and i'll give you a hard time, try not to be mean. i swear that i'd be lost without your manic pipe dreams. no wonder i got here. just look at how still i can sit. when 90% of the things i say are total bullshit. make myself doubt that real life exists outside the internet. real life. wouldn't trade it for anything.
Track Name: oh brother
oh brother, you're gonna give me an ulcer. oh father, am i my buddy's keeper? one wrong turn spells disaster. can't turn around. afraid to make a second mistake, so you keep on driving. stand in the door. won't come in or out. no filter between your head and mouth. always broke. always late. always wrong. always there.
Track Name: bald spot
dawn to dusk for pittance. some day your hair will fall out. leave your halfway life. steal a boat and we'll sail south. everything not compulsory is forbidden. eat with us. work for us. live like us. you'll thank us. all work and no play makes mary a dull boy. all workand no play makes benny a dull boy. everything not compulsory is forbidden. pay to live or die. that's the deal.