poltergeist 7"

by troubled sleep

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recorded in baltimore in november 2011 with joe mitra.


released February 23, 2012

ripe records




troubled sleep New York

benny, mary, erik & rachel. we are scattered all over at the moment.

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Track Name: waltz
pull my hair out of the shower drain. fulfillment's yet to become my fate. and i thought i had a patient soul. i'm turning blue in my sleep but, when i wake i'm back to pink. tap into my regret. i'll probably go to hell for this. and you'll be known for just one thing, like oklahoma city.
Track Name: yelling wild
yelling wild. yellow and white. telling signs. troubled times. hello wye. connect and tie. blind and blind. one two try. the bottom gets bigger every minute you don't pull the trigger. no one's gonna make it for you. so kick your shoes off the bed will always call. extensions never ending. with white walls and yellow lights. bright and planned. plain and brights. it'll never be taught. you'll always be the one they laugh at.
Track Name: teenage everything
i miss the spontaneity of a teenage everything. i miss dealing. you don't decide if you're enjoyed or avoided. there comes a time you don't decide at all. i've outlasted everyone. every friend is asleep. i'm up and unaccomplished with no accomplice at this hour anymore. the holiday is long. winter comes on strong. xmas has passed and novelty with it. ended years ago. ended weeks ago. you must decide if you're annoyed or alone. there comes a time. you must decide. all your friends are farther than they were last summer.
Track Name: last song
bite your nails down to the quick. leave them ragged and sore. i'm gonna take this one lying down. inherit my father's defeatism. gonna take this one lying down. don't accept praise. it's more fun to be martyred. i'm only laughing to keep from crying. i'm taking this one lying down confuse the sun as my golden crown.